Christmas present for camp visitors: The guest lounge on the top floor of the old brothel/hotel/bunkhouse gets an over haul!A couple days ago on Craigslist: a 40s Northwoods cabin was emptied out and we found a motherload of its original old hickory style stick furniture.The old card room in the hotel went from 1950s Haywood Wakefield just swapped for some even older stuff. Other than a great deal for the couch, rocker, side table, end table, and two side chairs) we outfitted the room with stuff we already had on hand.Pulled the long table out of the old Blue Star Auto in Chicago (circa 1940s). Found the chairs from an old town hall basement (1910). Saved End tables, art and lodge gear from various thrift + yard sales, TV set from the 50s (outfitted with a modern flatscreen inside)#HoardersWithoutBoarders +HELP: (last shot) anybody have a yellow, red, black or green vintage early American metal ceiling lamp they want to unload? Still working on the lighting.