OMG. WHAT IS THIS? we just found a trap door under the floorboards in the old hotel.Yesterday we were finally getting around to ripping up the 60s vinyl floor in a bedroom (and found remnants of the original block printed congoleum under the vinyl). Then under that found two strips of tar paper strangely only covering a 3×4 section of the floor.Then under that we found a 3×3 ft access panel in the floor (neatly secured with 4 screws – appearing to be original to the house.) After pulling those, we found that somebody had then gone in and toe-nailed the door in more permanently. (dating by the nails, 60s?) so we pulled those, then we pulled the panel door to discover that the original floor foundation was studded out and built to accommodate this door that had been built to provide access to what was underneath…a space under the building, that we didnt know existed, that has no other access from the outside or anywhere else.Under the door lays a big hand formed sheet metal tube, inset inside of that is another metal tube,then in-between the two it is filled with concrete.Then in the center, its filled nearly to the top with loose sand, rock and dirt. Then on top of this concrete tomb is a skeleton of some animal, totally desiccated.The historical society documented that this place was built during the prohibition as a speakeasy & brothel – so could this have been a place for liquor storage? Or what?Shown here:- photos from the 20s- the floor panel door & what was under it – a few feet away from the excavated area is another small hole in the floor, this one patched with the original tar-backed congoleum.- chunks of the concrete found around the vault (it appears to be some sort of cover to the vessel that is now broken)Anyone know what this thing is? An abandoned well? Why would it be built under a floor underneath a hotel bedroom – hide it under congoleum, then reseal it 40 years later in the 60s?)Should we dig out the vault to see what else they dumped in here before they sealed it? Were refinishing the floor & adding handles for future access – maybe leave the sleeping guardian in there?