.Dear 2018,.YOU KICKED OUR ASSES.You brought a flood into the new house we just finished- with no flood insurance. You delivered a storm that ripped out too many of our beloved heritage trees. You brought us a long and emotionally painful unwarranted legal battle. You took out the beach & terraces built in 1970s with the storms.You left us with more crew turnover than we thought we could handle. You brought us more work at our day jobs than we could handle and still be good parents, let alone hosts. You tested our patience, sanity, and at times ability to trust- We thank you for the hard lessons and the motivation that it gifted us.Dear 2019,We welcome you with open arms. You are the year that will let us finally see our 15 year dream of expansion come to fruition. (you’ve already given us the green light for the use of the back 20+ acres – so we can start this spring on our long-view vision for Camp 2.0). You are the year that is finally giving us the chance to launch products with 3 dream partners for a sporting gear collab, The cabin apparel product collab and the cabin gear product collab. You are bringing us a new bigger crew and support we have needed to keep up with whats coming.we are grateful for both years.one that made us stronger.one that makes us hopeful.Wishing everyone a belated happy new year.may it be the year of abundance for everyone.in love. health. happiness, and prosperity however you define it.