.THE GIVE BACK EXPERIMENT. .This past Saturday @lowresstudio paid us a visit to film a segment for the launch of their new series, “stories of generous creatives; Examples of what it looks like to live life in a way that creates a more abundant world by fostering a collaborative, creative environment. So thankful to be included & for the inspiring team our family spent the morning with!CONFESSION: filming this made me realize that I have workaholic tendencies..Which among other things, means that it’s emotionally & mentally hard to detach. (Self-inflicted)First step: Admit it. Out loud.Next step: Fix it.WAKE UP CALL (#ashamed)When you find yourself in the parking lot of a funeral on a client briefing call.When you finally take your dream trip, & find yourself at the edge of the Grand Canyon with your daughter, yet txting in a mtng.When youre driving your dad home to hospice care while editing a Powerpoint.I will never get those moments back. & that damn ghost of regret is a relentless.So Ive taken a vow to take my vaca & use them for family & others. (For 19 yrs Ive been donating too much of them back to the job)So begins 1st step: Ceasing to give of my vaca time selling material goods. Instead, investing those days in others.VOW: Each vacation day spent making something to give away.CRITERIA: How will I spend this day to help achieve a dream? (A tangible diff in someone life?) REWARD: Instead of feeling guilt for taking vaca, feel guilt for NOT taking vaca – because I can commit them to something more important.SO, along w/ the family HERE ARE FEW OF OUR VACA PLANS:. -Introducing a very special group of inner city youth to the country. .-Mentoring students on the other side of the globe. .- Hosting an org to celebrate LGBTQ life, rights & love. .- Collaborating with an art therapist to support people in need. ..GOAL: Make opportunities to give away, while creating moments that our kid & hundreds of others kids young & old will be able to remember as their best day of ..Thanks to: last @nathanmichael, @tjsyndram, @richardsmithiii, @jessevisual, @matt.scheffer, @chrisrocco, @tylermerle, @zacksabin