BEFORES .This level of honesty might be the worst idea ever (especially in hospitality). But its also sometimes a motivator for us.The rooms and cabins here are not special . What gives us perspective and continues to make us not give up is the staring point.We started from a really scary, run down place when we bought Camp 15 years ago (and only had dayjob paychecks to fix it up, one room at a time.) Our journey has felt like a lifetime of learning (learning that well always suck at drywalling, for one) .Like anything in life, to appreciate where we are – we sometimes need to look back at where we started. This place was made for folks who didnt have the means to take a real vacation- blue collar vacationers that didnt need a lot to be happy. Camps roots are too humble to pretend to be something that its not.With this reminder, our next several posts will be the SHOW & TELL series of before & afters. (brace yourselves)1st up:This was the innkeepers bath in the lodge, from the madame Anna Peck, to the Andrzewski family, to Father B. THIS is what decades of deferred maintenance looks like. The toilet had dropped through the floor, the light fixture was hanging from a frayed cloth wrapped cord & flickering constantly. The closet was a hoarders den – spilling out with those old 5-qt plastic ice-cream buckets, each overflowing with greasy car parts & junk dating back to the 60s. (Folks that lived through the depression saved EVERYthing). So while the afters arent special, theyre real & a testament that nothing is too far gone to be saved. Be that a space, a vintage piece of furniture, an old car, or a person – a little elbow grease and lots of hope for something better can change everything. Old houses were scaffolding once and workmen whistling .( the junk in the before pics are NOT ours- taken when we where touring it) .MORE befores at 30 days of before and afters at: #WandawegaRehabs