>..Next up: The Sterlingworth Cabin.Found her abandoned in a backyard on route 12. (whipped a U-turn, knocked on the door and gave a very hung over 20-something $500 for it. Then scooped her up with a bobcat days later.) We found out later that It was once part of a collection of cottages that bordered the shores of lauderdale lakes… one of many rental cottages that were part of the majestic (now gone) Sterlingworth Inn. Less than 9x9ft interior space, it was designed for guests to spend their time on the lake, not in the room. So we moved her, gutted to the studs, did a roof tear-off and replacement. she got a new hardwood floor & electrical, replaced a good chunk of the rotten siding. pulled some steps from a dumpster, a deck from a Boyscout camp tent platform, and added solar. In total, under a couple thousand bucks and lot of elbow grease..MORE befores at 30 days of before and afters at: #wandawegarehabs