BEFORES The Craft Cabin.We found this one abandoned so deep in brush and hornets nests that we had to crawl through an open hole of siding on the back to get in.Virtually no roof, half a wall missing, no windows & full of years of accumulated junk.(A little elbow grease & a extended forks can go a long way). Weve heard the saying that Whatever good things we build, end up building us. That may be part of the reasonthat we try to find & save the ones that have almost disintegrated into the earth (and the karma of recycling vs building new just fits in here better- where everything has humble roots)We also wanted a little place with some actual history. (from what the long time locals have told us, this was originally a summer sleeping cabin and then a fish cleaning cottage). .So when kids (Charlies age and kids as ancient as us) make crafts in here its got more good residual vibes from its long life before us.I have this crazy vision of making things in here with our grandchildren someday #BigDreamsLittleShacks8-track shot: @bobcoscarelli Last shot: first layout before we redecked it out as the craft cabin.MORE befores at 30 days of before and afters at: #wandawegarehabs