WHAT KIND OF EXPERIENCE ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? What makes an impact on you? What leaves an impression on you that lingers long after youve gone home?We are honored to be included in a new book about experience through travel. One of their focuses is how to Be Good in the world- volunteer opportunities around the globe.” Every once in a while we get a call to go visit a place & share a POV (thank you, @theamericanclub @PawsUp @smithhotels @bigcedarlodge ). Every so often we get an invitation to come talk about it at conferences & offices. (thank you, @Hyatt, @chicagoIdeas, @Fiverr, @gensler_design @cb2 )Sometimes they come to us – (looking forward to your visit, @AirBnB !) We talk about how to create immersive experiences that people feel. Remember. Return to. We immerse ourselves in the experiences theyve created, share inspiration & come back to home base with fresh perspectives.But its rare that we get the chance to be included in a book about it. This one just hit the stands.THE BOOK: FATHOM. Travel anywhere and avoid being a tourist covering everything from:eco travel to places to visit to help Mother Earth and beyond.THE WHY: “The travel editors at Fathom have spent years gathering a treasure trove of recommendations and stories from a network of interesting people who travel well (chefs, novelists, designers, innkeepers, musicians) in places both well-known and off the beaten path. A book that will inspire the traveler in you, NO MATTER WHAT KIND OF EXPERIENCE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THE WHO: @FathomWaytoGo – we have been contributing to for some time. Stories on todays Profile line… #TravelwithFathom