Look closely .REWARD for anyone who can send us old photos, postcards, historical artifacts or ephemera from Camp Wandawega.-If you dig long enough, stalk ebay, etsy, and every antique store within 100 miles, eventually you’ll start to uncover bits of the history of any place you want. So is the story of these postcards and photos. Most of these are shots of camp & the lake back in the early days. The days of Model Ts, Coolidge & Hoover.-Wandawega Inn / Wandawega Hotel circa 1920s-1940s-Wandawega Lake Resort 1948-1961-Vandawega run by Latvian Marian Fathers 1961-2004-REWARD DEETS: Find us a photo of the madame Anna Beckford Peck (the madame of Wandawega Hotel who was convicted of running a bawdy house of Ill fame and sent to Taycheeda Womens prison in 1942).Or dig up a menu from the Wandawega restaurant, a lot of old photos (that we dont have) and get rewarded in a free stay at camp. (For all other finds, well hook you up in camp merch)For more Info, visit wandawegahistory.org