Happy (almost) Mothers Day to all the Mommas!Walked into a Barnes and noble this morning on a mommy-daughter pre-mothers day date.Picked up the latest issue of flea market style- was tofind one of my fav flea trips shot by @bobcoscarelli.That flea day was marked by 3Things: finding the sails that would become curtains – .the bouys that hang in our boathouse. .The 5 year old girl who couldnt wait to see what I brought home for her (vintage Barbie box crammed full of clothes from the 60s).This day today will be marked by an 8 year old who asked if we could buy two copies of this issue- one for her and one for grandma. ..Way too soon shell be 18 and likely never want to spend a morning at a bookstore with her mom, let alone care about these little surprises in pages that we find on the corner shelves… .These little surprises that remind us that every day with our littles are our best days- no matter how were spending our time.#dontBlink#hugThemTightFun surprise to also see our sweet friends @melmuoio and @paululowe of @sweetpaulmagazine in the same issue at the @phoeniciaflea First, last shots of charliegirl and the mag flea shots by @bobcoscarelli