Pack your bags for a Moonrise Kingdom Vacation”Geeking out that the creators (@focusfeatures) of our favorite movie wanted an interview for their story on where fans can go to get their own Moonrise Kingdom experience..An excerpt from their story today, on the eve of Memorial Day weekend; A world where everything seems pleasantly faded, where people read crackly-covered library books, and where young people are allowed to be genuinely innocent. .The film has inspired audiences to find their own Moonrise Kingdom. On the eve of Memorial Day weekend, we celebrate the anniversary of Moonrise Kingdom by showcasing the places fans have gone to recapture the magic of Andersons wondrous film. ..Go camping in style: In Elkhorn, Wisconsin, the Wandawega Lake Resort offers tents, teepees, cabins, A-frames, and bunkhouses for guests looking for that special Moonrise Kingdom magic. Nestled next to a wood-side lake, Camp Wandawega combines rustic hipness with serene natural beauty. Current owners, David Hernandez and Tereasa Surratt, have carefully decorated public and private spaces to give a real sense of history and nostalgia, touching on the locales unique lineage of bootleggers, brothels, and Latvian Catholics. Keeping it real, they offer guests a Manifesto of Low Expectations to readjust their definition of what a retreat really happy to be listed alongside Yosemite National Park & the real places the movie was filmed- we are packing our bags now…. their full story & list of where to visit on todays profile line..1st shot: @bobcoscarelli