..PLEASE DONT STEAL THE TOWELS. .Who remembers the standard camp-issue towels of their childhood? .Scratchy. Ratty. Daylight shining through thin sheet sorta thing..Today, they would never big enough to make a full wrap around our grown up bodies. At 10 years old, none of us knew what Egyptian cotton was- and didnt care. .At camp, in our relentless OCD pursuit of recapturing the experience of our childhood,Weve been searching for a weaver to recreate them for us. This follows our pursuit of making things harder than they need to be: .The years spent finding the last remaining company in America who can still make those tiny little hotel soaps of the 1950s.andThe multi-year search to find the 3rd generation matchbook company in Texas who was willing to modify their standard process to print ours the way that they where made in the 60s. . but it turns out that getting towels made in the same old school Holiday Inn Circa 1960 style has proven to be pretty damn hard to source. .For years, weve been making our towels so shitty that nobody wants to use them, let alone take them home. (They are dead stock military issue that we then silkscreened) .We where grateful to find a very patient fabric label company who endured many rounds of sourcing a dozen diff fabric swatches for test print samples… before we finally committed to the one that was old enough faded enough Enough enough. And the towel company who couldnt understand why we wanted lesser grade cotton thread for the custom weave, a smaller towel size (modern versions are so much bigger than they need to be). .So after driving so many folks nuts for so many months, We are happy to report that they have arrived! .They arent Egyptian cottonThey arent luxurious, or big or special in any way- Other than you wont find them anywhere else in the world. .So please feel free to the steal soaps, Carve your name into our furniture (the bunk beds in cabin 3). .But please don’t steal the towels.(Weve got an awkward sentimental attachment to them now).More at #WandawegaCustoms .First shot @vavoomstudios Last shot @bobcoscarelli