GIVEAWAY TIME.Were so damn happy to finally get these off the press that were giving away ten sets – (our 8 yr-old camp counselor is gonna pick her fave 10 responses here tomorrow & well drop them in the mail). Souvenir windshield decals are a part of America’s summer vacation history. Their heyday was the Golden Age of highway travel, 1945-1970. Once the most common roadside souvenir, they’re now gone. Weve been obsessively collecting (honestly, hoarding) them for years:Camps canned ham, Airstream, traveltrunks, suitcases, every vehicle – from the firetruck tothegolf cart – sports them. Weve beendreaming & failing for over a decade to find a vendor to reproduce them in their exact watertransfer technology form, with little luck – but this past week, we finally got pretty close. .* Managed to find the old-school glassine sleeves.* Dug up the paper stock for the instruction sheets.* Located manufacturer for the souvenir sticker. (Remember how every souvenir standtchotchkefrom the 30s-70shad that tiny little round metallic Souvenir of’ sticker on the bottom?) .From deadstock, we created five different designs for this collection:each ofthese at a qty of 200 each.So if youre looking for us,we can be found forthe next month collating, sleeving, stamping, pinning, and boxing these things up. Its strangelytherapeutic (especially when paired with drinking whiskey). Any volunteers?While thesearent for sale now – we donthave a retail outlet or store – we love bringing back these old mementos lost to time that you cant buy anywhereanymore. (Next time youre at camp come find us and well dig one up for ya.) #SouvenirAssemblyTherapy.More at #WandawegaCustoms ….1st 2 shots of camp collection : @bobcoscarelli