They said:.TELL US YOUR BIGGEST (personal) SECRET.(the single best audience question thrown at a panel discussion)A lady sitting in the front row had waited an hour to drop this Q on us:.Since yall are talking about vulnerablilty- i think you should tell us something youre hiding- and i mean like Stormy Daniels style confession. ..That was a first..Surprisingly, everybody answered. We heard from a CMO, street artist-turned mainstream,@Mekanism & Coors exec. Moderated by @AdAge.(best one from @Shawnimals)Thanks, @Fiverr for the invite to join the overshare party as part of “Differentiating Your Brand & Standing Out. We may have gone off the rails a bit – veering from authenticity, diversity & tech to ‘Confessions to 150 random strangers but it was one of my fav panel discussions. Ever. ..ABOUT: Fiver Presents – NEXT, Highlighting local businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and embracing what it means to be a doer in different cities around the world, discovering places that present the next frontier in technology and @mikeman715 + @bennett_young