Its about damn time. Starting today- if we gift / donate an item to you, this is how youre gonna get it. (Not including items from Threadless, Crate & Barrel, etc. as those are packed and shipped directly from them). We finally got our act together to have our camp boxing suite made- (And this level of minutiae sparks so much joy for us :) It only took a dozen separate vendors & more time than well admit to figure it out.Anyone remember those teensie little foil stickers you would find on the bottom of antique souvenirs ?? (We have been obsessing for a dogs age and finally found someone to make them teensie enough)Here what youre getting:>> Topographic map of lake tissue paper>> Fish hook hat / clip .>> Archery target closure decal. >> Vintage postcard as notecards . .>> Camp Motto paper tape. >> Souvenir metallic seal . .>> Linen drawstring stamped bags . .>> embroidered patch (until we run out) .+ custom shipping labels, rubber stamps, printed paper bags (all my OCD rustic packaging dreams come true) … “Unboxing feeds into a primal curiosity and desire to know what’s hidden inside something. The human brain is wired to be curious. -Media Psychology Research Center#OurPostRationalizationForThis.More at #wandawegacustoms