What should we call her (gotta get her Wisco name plates). Est1925. RACOON. CAMPW. WANDA. Minnow??????? .WELCOMING THE NEW GIRL to camp!.We found a sweet Park-Ranger-Brownl Ford F-150 in Ohio last week#And- be still my heart – all of my Dolly Parton & Tom T Hall 8-track dreams are about to come true. >> The gun rack is gonna cradle fishing rods>> Deadstock visor organizers to stash our hoarded collection of vintage maps. . >> Camp bumper stickers & travel decals have found a home. >> Guests get to practice their CB slang. But honestly -Were most excited that we get to have our signpainting hero Ches of @RightwaySigns come hand letter her doors like he did on the International Harvester.This ones no trailer queen shes a work truck that’ll pull our flea finds, but mainly haul bonfire logs from the back acres were clearing up.And her name is….?