LONG MAY SHE WAVE..Not just yesterday. Not just this month. But everyday..In honor of their 3rd wedding anniversary at camp, @twomamahomestead wrote a Snapshot of Pride about a singular moment from their wedding.. (( Their post reminded us again why we feel so lucky to have a place with a chapel for people to pledge their love and a flagpole to show their and our pride all year long )).their post:”It was three years ago today. My (now) wife and I had gathered our closest family and friends onto a Midwest campground in late May. We were in dresses and boots and moccasins with our hair rather wild. Rain started to sprinkle down as our loved ones filled the benches of the outdoor chapel. The owner of the campground told us rain is good luck: a wet knot is harder to untie. I bought it. We remained inside the lodge, trying to carve out a moment of intimacy while surrounded by the frenetic energy of too many family members buzzing about. Finally, everyone took their seats and we were alone. We could take a breath.Our wedding was so many things. A cause for celebration with our favorite people. An act to grab hold of the legal rights that came to pass with the United States vs. Windsor ruling. A symbol of our legitimacy. A reckoning for family members who still struggled. An honor to those who paved the way before us. But the truth is, we had committed long ago. From nearly the first moment I met my wife, I knew – on some level – it was always going to be her. #HappyPrideDay365.#lgbtqequality #humanrights #prideday #prideweek #pridemonth #prideyear #loveisfreedomphotos: @twomamahomestead with 1st photo from #loveliveshereaw / last shot: @bobcoscarelli