We are so proud to host the @wanderboyspresents !!! THEIR MISSION:”The Wander Boys exist to combine adventure, nature and sisterhood. To celebrate the masculine and the feminine in each of us, in equal measure. To tackle shame with radical expression and untethered acceptance. We are here for real friendship. To create a community of gay men who have the common purpose of discovery, love of nature, laughter, self-evolution, and wigs. To march through the forest in heels like weve lost our minds. (You dont have to love a wig yet, but you will, trust). We aim to embody freedom so that others might also be freed.” ABOUT:Founded in Los Angeles, we pride ourselves as one of the most diverse LGBTQ+ communities in the creative capital of the world. The Wander Boys first chapter is 24 members and continues to grow in the City of Angels. #WanderWithPridePhotos: Courtesy of the @wanderboyspresents and Feeds of @jedidiahjenkins