UPDATE: to be respectful of Native American culture, we have removed the items here from the souvenir dispenser that are Native American in style – THE TINIEST STOREFRONT.Asking our little camp delivery truck to pull double-duty. Shes decided that after nearly 70 years of loyal service delivering everything from bread to car parts, she now wants to be a Camp Canteen (so we spent the weekend stocking her with all of our favorite souvenir-y things)But we still need 5 more items before she can open her doors for yall – to complete her teensiest store inventory alphabet.Anybody have ideas that start with QUXYZ??? They can be little to fit in the antique vending machines or as as tall as 6 – her inside height…A> Arrowheads. .B> Bobbers. Books. Brochures. Bracelets. Baby Binoculars and Bumper stickers..C> Cups and Compasses..D> Dice and Decals..E> Embroidered badges..F> Figurines. Fishhooks and Forever tree books..G> Glasses. .H> Hatpins..I> Indianhead emblems..J> Journals..K> Keychains and Knives. .L> Lures and Lanyards..M> Mugs. Matchstrikes. Matches and Moccasin fobs .N> Necklaces..O> Oars..P> Posters. Pins. Patches. Postcards and Pipes. .Q> ??????.R> Rabbits feet..S> Shirts. Slingshots. Stickers. Souvenirs. Spoons. Soaps. Stamps Smokey pins and Sweatshirts..T> Thimbles.Tattoos. Towels. Toy turtles and T-shirts..U> ??????.V> Vintagenotecards..W> Whistles. Wallets and Wandawega gear..X> ?????.Y> ?????.Z> ?????..Featuring match strikes by @grandmontstreet oars by @sanborncanoe tees by @threadless all three camp books by @randomhouse and more products for the sidecar, visit @uralmotorcycles and the kids toys visit @crateandkids // .powered by @conwayelectric .More at #wandawegacustoms