YOU NEED A VACATION.”the average U.S. employee uses barely half of their annual paid time off” thanks @TheManualGuidefor the wake-up call article, thereminder & honor of including usfive camp-style lodges where you can unplugEXCERPT:”According to a2017 study by Glassdoor, the average U.S. employee uses barely half of their annual paid time off. Worse, even those who do take a vacation generally fail to use it for the rest and relaxation. What are they doing instead, you ask?Alas, habit is a hard thing to break. Not just the habit of being constantly online, but the habit of being incessantly busy, of somehow loving the stress of beingso freaking important, of doing just one more thing before you finally let yourself relax.t shouldnt be this hard to take a vacation. And back in the day, it wasnt. Just a generation or two ago, taking a vacation meant really getting away from it all fleeing the confines of the city and the cares of workday life for a restful week at a sprawling lake house, a cozy family cabin, or a rustic lodge shared by fellow urbanites rediscovering the joys of roughing it.Believe it or not, these types of rustic woodland getaways still exist. In this modern age of constant connectivity, theyre more necessary than theyve ever been”. . “Camp Wandawega is the first name on any urbanites lips when theydream of a lazy summer getaway. It started life as a speakeasy in 1925 but was transformed into a wholesome family resort in the 1950s, where hard working middle-class folks could get away for fresh air and sunshine, home-cooked meals, and good company. With new ownership and a brand refresh to match, Camp Wandawega is an unlikely trendsetter, tempting jaded urbanites with old-fashioned Midwestern values and the promise of doing absolutely nothing. While most of the camp property is rented out for large groups, a small collection of cabins, Scout tents, and even a tipi can be rented individually THE OTHER LODGES FEATURED IN THE TOP FIVE LIST: they are all on our bucket list now)KEWEENAW MOUNTAIN LODGE, COVE POINT LODGE, NANIBOUJOU LODGE, CANOE BAY First two shots of the hillhouse @bobcoscarelli