The most important thank you note a guest has ever left for us.Do you remember the first time that you caught a fish, frog or firefly? Jumped off a dock into a lake? Roasted a marshmallow on a campfire? The basic rite of passage summer camp kid things that we all take for granted- are foreign concepts for lots of kids who live in so many of our Chicago neighborhoods. This past week we hosted ABC anchor @TanjaBabich to launch her new initiative: @LakeaffectChicago..In partnership with Kerry Woods @woodfamilyfoundation, they gave a diverse group of amazing urban kids the chance to experience their own firsts workshops in campfire building, astronomy, nature hiking, history tours, the crucial skill of smore building. Our hope is that this one small thing – a three-day-long retreat for kids who otherwise dont make it out of the city – will show our campers that there is a whole world of possibilities open to them with people who want to help along the way. – Tanja Babich, founderRipples make waves. #lakeaffectchicago #abc7chicago : @ourdaysphotoandfilm