THE GANG EVERYONE WANTS TO JOIN..Every company claims they have community – that their office is like a family. And there are those rare companies – and leaders of those companies – who really do reach that point by the actions they take. Imagine having a boss who:Doesnt just write the article for FORBES spearheading womens pay equality, but challenges an entire global industry to do so.Imagine having a boss who (Alongside the Pope, Michelle Obama and Lady Gaga) is deemed a Titan in Times 100 Most Influential People of 2019.Imagine having a boss who not only earned the highest commission in history for a female architect, but also designed the tallest building ever designed by a woman. Now imagine having a boss who greets you with a hug, cracks a beer with you at a campfire, and remains humble in spite of her success. We host a lot of creative retreats for companies. But this boss lady sets the example for ALL.Be kind.Be generous of spirit.Be the catalyst for change.Create for cause.Innovate.Be the example of inspiration, work ethic and selflessness -and people will flock to you.Each summer the Studio heads to Elkhorn, Wisconsins Camp Wandawega for camping and camaraderie. A Studio Gang tradition since 2012, our annual retreat features special guests who lead us in activities ranging from foraging to drum-making to star-gazing. We are proud to call her a friend. And honored to host her incredible work family.This year, in addition to her Chicago crew, she flew in her whole gang from Paris, New York, and San Fran. .The juxtaposition of having the people who create some of the most beautiful buildings in the world stay in a dirty old summer camp is not lost on us. It takes a special sorta boss to be willing to subject your team to this. And it takes a certain type of employee who are not just game for it – but fully embrace it.What makes this gang special is their complete lack of pretense. Weve witnessed the growth of this family from 25 to a global army of 130- and congratulate them all on their latest win- to design the new Ohare terminal. It couldnt have been awarded to a more talented and dedicated family..