The Wander Boys Presents

We had the immeasurable pleasure of hosting The Wander Boys. Weekend recovery starts now. (These boys know how to throw a party)
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Courtesy of Tino DeMartino:

Dear Camp Wandawega,

Hope you haven’t gotten sick of hearing from us.  We knew we’d have an amazing time, we just didn’t know that you’d wow us quite so hard.  You say you stick to simple and modest while we tend to go elaborate and over the top.  There is, however, one thing we’ll always have in common: we’re both true to who we are.  We celebrate and honor your commitment to authenticity and we strive to do the same…each and every one of us.  Who thought that because time seems to stand still at Camp Wandawega, that each of us would be brought back in time too?  We went back to a time before the life that swept us away in work, drama, labels, chaos.  We went back to a time where maybe things like camp weren’t so fun and allowed us to live them all over again…in a new way full of love and encouragement…and wigs.  If there is a world where Drag Olympics and Sunday Best Brunch becomes a tradition, I want to live in it.  Who knows, if we keep this up, maybe there will be!

Months of planning, preparation, stirring up the zaniest ideas and sisterly quarrels fueled by passion and dedication on ways to make the weekend special lead us into our first summer camp but none of that could have prepared us for one of the most amazing experiences we’ve had to date.

Camp Wandawega holds her own magic – that coupled with some of the most kind-hearted, charismatic, witty, outgoing, sassy-but-classy, gregarious men transformed the grounds into a magical vortex for the weekend.  We felt the kind of love you feel when you can see passed stereotypes, labels, norms and all the surface stuff – no judgement, no shame, no excuse to be anyone other than the real you.  I mean, whoa, we really went to a whole new level all up in the stratosphere and deep down in the soul!

Yes, Drag Olympics was a hoot and line dancing brought out the inner star in all the Boys but it was the in between moments, the unplanned moments, the most unexpected moments that really made it special.  It was all the moments not listed on the itinerary that made Camp feel like the experience we’d all wish we’d had growing up.  To share stories, feelings and emotions that matched everyone around you – to not feel like you were alone but part of a whole, a family.
We’re forever bound to one another, the Boys who Wandered to Wandawega for that unforgettable weekend and for that I’m forever grateful.  Though we’re home and almost unpacked, there is a piece of me that’s still perched at the end of the dock with my toes splashing in the water, watching the ripples of Lake Wandawega dance into the sunset 🌅

We’re inspired by you – your racy, ravishing and remarkable history – and your commitment to connection.  We’re forever bound, us Wanderwegans; honored to share that marvelous sliver of time together.

With eternal gratitude and love,
The Wander Boys x


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