We like people who smile when its raining. Other than the thunderstorm (that all but blew the messhall tent down, the epic flooding of the sports field, the drenched beds in the teepee) this weeks event turned out to be pretty perfect. Storms be damned- For the past few days, we got to play host for our favorite event yet: CampfireJamboree The world class Chefs from so many of our favorite restaurants came to cook on open fire (in the rain) and under the stars @elchechicago & @lasirenachicago (John Manion)@honeybutterchi (Christine Cikowski)Andrew Brochu who birthed Roister – who just left @thealineagroup to open his new space coming soon.@mitocaya (Diana Davila) But something we thought wed never see (and a Personal highlight) was having @rookietheband play a set In the treehouse. It all happened because of the folks at @fattire (joined by @MakersMark, @metriccoffee + @virtuecider ) and was the brainchild of @stockmfgco. part of the magic of these folks was not only their ability to pull it together in a downpour- but that they did it with a smile – and every guest followed suit. .Its that kind of attitude that makes us want to keep doing this camp thing until were old prunes. by: @jakenokovic & @johntereick