who are these kids?? it was our 15th wedding anniversary a couple of days ago.we both forgot it. again. its become an accidental tradition that we find funnier every year.so we’re starting a new one:trying to find and celebrate at least one thing everyday, (rather than waiting for a singular annual day designated to remind us).21years ago we met. .years later decided to get hitched at this old abandoned summer camp (we had just somehow talked ourselves into rescuing) (We had zero idea what would lie ahead. the best part of youth is equal parts hope & naivety.) ..That day at camp we wore Wellies down a mud aisle to exchange vows in the rain. We had a dance party on a flooded tennis court, a bonfire was coaxed out of wet logs by diesel fuel and a flame thrower. We had fireworks and lots of drinking with barefoot guests – it was nothing like wed imagined it would be, and everything at the same time. (Friends told us that a wet knot is harder to untie- and weve embraced that every day since).This life partnership, place & path has been more work than we could have ever fathomed – also a helluva lot more rewarding. ..and Leonard’s Cohens lyric is ringing more true every year that we share it: “Ring the bells that still will ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” — ..So heres to embracing the ever-expanding cracks and soaking up all that light every single day – for allthe years ahead… HAPPY (late)ANNIVERSARY(again)