Our newest tiniest addition: Welcome to the welcome cabin(Same place – Thats Just what were calling it since we added a reception desk)this is your stop to check in with your camp counselors. weve always had an obsession with Old Hickory furniture. (bonus that nearly all National Park lodges feature it). But its rare, and expensive, so we only get it when its in somebodys barn sale (and they dont know what they have). always wanted a reception desk.made of logs. from the era that this place was built. Out of the blue, a few weeks ago, a follower shot us a DM of this guy in MN with a treasure trove of it: (literal. storage. lockers. full) >> be still my heart > be still my heart > This treasure finders name is John. As it turns out, hes a buyer for folks like Ralph Lauren and for 35 years has been the go to for folks in the fancy upstate NY. Weve truly never met anyone with such a massive collection, sourced from every nook and cranny across the country.sadly- some old original Old Hickory antique furniture is getting more rare- folks would leave it outside, then after years- use it for kindling. Especially during the depression…the curator / dealers name is John Provo- (pictured here are some of his finds) You can email him at 9tazzy@comcast.net to get more pictures of his stock in MN!