If you had to pick one song to play on the camp jukebox – what would you choose?For us, its Old Dogs & Children by Tom T. Hall .It won CMA song of the year in 1972.He wrote it about the time at the 72 Democratic National Convention, where he had a conversation with an old porter at a hotel bar.I love it because its the first song I can remember our dad singing to us.He loved kids. He had five.He also taught us to love all dogs – but pay extra favor to the old ones.He hated wine, but would tolerate grandpas dandelion wine (he never did let us taste it – but it still sounds like hell)..He never put us in seatbelts, but put us on motorcycles before we could read. He was a mechanic, a collector of old things – he found the most broken things and fixed them up. Always out of necessity, but also as a passion for breathing new life into what others saw as worthless.They say that we influence our kids in so many way we dont even realize – what they hear us sing to them, what they watch us doing, collecting, saving.If thats true, it helps to explain why at camp we have a (bordering on unhealthy) obsession collecting old trucks, bikes, motorcycles – and songs for our Jukebox.It also helps explain why our camp fleet has organically grown with what we gravitate towards – things he either had himself (Ford Model A, Apache, IH, Ford pickup) or things he would have loved too – Harley golf cart, Ural sidecar, Indian Chief). Charlies Suzuki dirt bike is the same style we had as kids. Our camp pickup is the same year he had – does anybody else have childhood memories of riding to town rolling around in the back of a pickup with your four siblings?For good reason, Rolling Stone ranked Old Dogs, Children-& Watermelon Wine as one of the greatest country songs in history -If you dont know it & are looking for some simple perspective, go give it a listen. But if you get the chance, come hear it on our jukebox. Our craigslist salvaged Wurlitzer is over 5 decades old, so the speakers are nearly shot – its scratchy, rough & bumpy, but we have learned to appreciate the older things -(in all forms of life).They tend to have more character.