IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK.100 years ago a farmer ordered it from the pages of a old Sears & Roebuck farm building catalog.Some 80 years later it would be moved to another farmers field here in Wisconsin to become a small animal outbuilding.Last year we hauled it over the timber and through the woods, and plopped it down here overlooking the kettle in the back acres, as a nature watching stand.Were installing custom iron roof brackets & solar lighting …And finally found the old German Beer Garden table & benches, so folks can play some cards, drink beer – or if youre like Davids dad Herb, take down other campers in arm wrestling.HAPPY 73rd BIRTHDAY, HERB!!You are literally the best. Especially when you let us win at armwrestling.The next time youre at camp, give this guy a beer and a pat on the back. He & his wife Anna are literally what keep this place going.