back to our regularly scheduled programming.4:00 am: unclog bunkhouse toilet 6:00 am: find the source for the dead animal smell in the garage.7:00 am: change batteries in the Latrine lights8:00 am: email the septic guy again.9:00 am: assemble 100 guest swag bags ..Restock the guest room bags. (each gets one tiny hotel soap, a matchbook, postcard & a DIY self-guide camp)…(( Small business is especially glamorous today )) ..Our Airbnb listings have a disclaimer to not confuse this place with the glamping trend. ( cause there is no glamour here ) ..This may be part of the reason we get such laid-back guests. .this weeks crew was not exception- .we got to host a bad ass group of ladies for @KnobCreek / @speed_rack (which is a A COCKTAIL COMPETITON FOR SELF-IDENTIFYING WOMEN TO FIND THE COUNTRYS FASTEST FEMALE BARTENDER & SUPPORT BREAST CANCER RESEARCH ) ..Its such an honor getting to surround yourself with a group of women who empower you, inspire you, and build you up. I get to leave this gorgeous camp with new bonds, friendships, and memories that I will cherish for years to come. – better way to support a great cause like pouring whiskey….photos:@omoniumcoffee@swingtimekingtime @bostonlibations@keeppressingonlic