“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall”(on an little Oscar Wilde bender this season)he legit makes us want to soak up every fall thing…. all the autumn things: .. super duper spiked hot cider and taking knives to unsuspecting pumpkins.. leaf raking and burning of all the campfires.. 3-ply vintage mens oversized cashmere sweater on two seater bike ride up the lane. … ..this time of year we always seem to forget the fact that our bike’s breaks are still out,we typically get caught paddling against the wind and get stuck out in the middle of the lake. and the campfire smoke literally targets your eyeballs and follows you as you move from seat to seat trying to escape it from gagging you.but still… fall.we love you.and @elegantfarmerpies here we come ….photos:@maxwastler@letteredcottage@Chaco@lexiafrankphoto @bobcoscarelli@missnortherner@kevinmiyazaki