Weddings always make us cry.Does anyone else zoom into the shots of the groom when he sees her walking the aisle? Or the dads face on their last hug before he gives her away? The bridesmaids as they fail to hold their shit together while clutching the life out of their bouquets?) ..I always zoom in. ..None of us have to know these people to connect in that moment.(That split second that will only come once in our lives) .we have a special place in our heads and hearts for the nuptials that break all the antiquated stereotypes of what love is.Transgender weddings.two brides. two grooms.dogs standing in as the best man.expecting brides exchanging vows.we love to watch the most stoic of dads cry when they give their daughter away. And witness the moment when a conservative mother finally coming to the realization that love is love (as they watch their daughter marry off to someone other than who Disney told her she should)too often, its also the last time some of the oldest family members will travel, and be surrounded by all the generations theyve brought to the world.Weddings are those rare occasions that people come together for the sole purpose of showering each other with good karma. (Not the kind you send in a Hallmark) but the undeniable real deal you feel when you watch that couple choke through their vowsWe dont do this enough.These days, we can only commit to host a handful of weddings each year.The fewer we do, the more special they are to us. If weddings are an injection of good will towards each other, we want to to keep infusing that good will here into camp by hosting them.New starts, commitments- & definitions of love & acceptance.a new chance for all of us to send people off with nothing but the best possible wishes for their lives.scrolling through this recent wedding was a good personal reminder to zoom in on our own once-in-a-lifetime split second moments.when were actually IN that second.acknowledge thats its a privilege to have it at all.the fact that we cant hold onto it, is exactly why need to try to.We dont do this enough. …congrats KATIE + ROB Photos : @kyleszetophoto