IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK.(When you cant because your keynote goes haywire). .Last week, I was asked to give an opening keynote on how Camp Style has influenced the broader world of Design. ..Anyone who has to present to a full house will tell you that their biggest fear is tech fails.This is how it went down:.- Keynote presenters notes wouldnt display (wing it)- Projector wouldnt connect (distraction convo)- Click share device wouldnt share (insert jazz hands)After a few false starts with technology working against us, It turned out to be pretty fun. As it turns out, one of the biggest highlights of talking to a hundred creatives, designers, students and camp style fansis getting to do it in the historic landmark gym of the School of Agriculture and Domestic Economy designed by architect Alexander Eschweiler. (Apparently, back in1911women had the option to go to a school to learn how to be a homemaker & housewife). ..Speaking in this space to this group (of primarily women)was a palpable reminder of how far weve all come. If those wall could talk, I think they would agree. I took our tech struggles as a sign that sometimes going analog is better than always relying on our devices to tell a story.I am grateful for the chance to share our collaboration for the #WandawegaHillhouse alongside @LaLuneCollection (this powerhouse couple have been @ralphlaurenhome s go-to for his custom camp furniture for 40 years). .What struck me most was the sheer number of folks who stayed on later to share their own stories, projects and creative entrepreneur dreams. That, combined with red wine and @presswaffles = best night ever.Thank you @amycarmandesign for the invitation. Your creative speaker series is an inspiration to us all. Id do this everyday if I could.photos: @aimeemazzenga @bobcoscarelli @amycarmandesign