Remember:What happens at camp…rarely stays at camp.Weve hosted some corporate retreats here – some of them were not allowed to mention – but over the years weve found one common denominator: Its always the ones you least suspectwho step up and go all Katniss on us at the archery range.Its the unassuming guy who just announced his retirement who shows up with a new beard and a well-worn axe to split wood like Grizzly Adams.Never underestimate that introverted guy in ITs ability to nail the hatchet bullseye first.Then theres always at least one unsuspecting nice girl whos name you can never remember who breaks out the bullhorn to serenade everyone with Cardi B (weve seen this more than once). Theyve either been waiting for this moment. Or never planned it and might be regretting it now… They ride up on the Harley you never knew they had. The one who reminds you of your great aunt rolls up in the vintage Porsche shes been restoring since high school and you dont even recognize her.Theres the intern who bakes like Rachel Ray and shows up in a homemade jumpsuit and leads a foraging workshop for edible bugs. .Coworkers are full of surprises.There is something very real and scary about getting out of our comfort zones that compels us to show a little more of who we are; that other side of us that we so deftly hide in the conference room.Nothing like gutting a trout with the lady from HR to get some perspective.Heres to getting uncomfortable and real in the best way bonding over a shotski with your boss.We love hosting our company crushes here. We know them for their innovations – but here, we remember them here for the things they do when their guards down.So to all of you who weve booked for the upcoming 2020 Season… Just remember: what happens here at camp will not only NOT stay here at camp-theres a high probability of earning you a new nickname, or be otherwise commemorated in some awkward way. .So come ready, but play responsibly.Photos here from a few of our past favorite company outings – that redefined companyPatagonia, Anthropologie, Studio Gang Architects, Shinola, Beam Brands, Lululemon,