In two months, Camp Wandawega will celebrate its 95th anniversary.15 years ago we found a small stack of old green brochures in a box in a storage closet. It described Wandawega Lake Resort as a place to sleep the sleep of the just… And a place to enjoy taste thrills at its supper club..Finding that little brochure would be the beginning of an obsession of collecting old Wisconsin tourism brochures every day since. We love them because – while the design and wardrobe may have changed – the activities they advertised have not. As it turns out, folks that come here still do the exact same things that those brochures advertised. Fish. Swim. Boat. Nature hike. Not advertised was sharing whiskey around a campfire (This never stopped – even through prohibition)..So when we got a call a couple months back from the Wisconsin Tourism Bureau we were so freaking excited. They wanted to know if it would be ok if they could feature camp in a new campaign to showcase what this state has to offer.That call represents a very personal milestone for us.Being recognized by the same state that closed us down so many times all those years ago underscores our efforts to bring back a little piece of history of Wisco that has never been celebrated before. This has always been a blue-collar joint on a tiny lake; never a proper destination. In the early years the only headlines were related to federal raids, arrests, and charges of a bawdy house of ill fame. .So heres to second chances – and the general belief that It IS possible to recreate a place, a thing … or even yourself – no matter what hand you where originally dealt..We are enormously proud to be part of this sweet dairy state, but its sweeter when that state you love, loves you back.The photos and film will launch in spring 2020 season – just in time to celebrate 95 years of vacationing like its still 1925.sneak peek of some of the feature…along with an original vintage green camp brochure. And the travel brochure that we recreated inspired by Wisconsin Dept of Tourism brochures of the 50s. (Youll find them in every room at camp).Thanks you @travelwisconsin #travelwi