Most people don’t know where we found our little Sterlingworth Cabin (or where it’s name came from)To some behind-the-scenes footage – when (rhe publisher of our camp resurrection book Found Free & Flea ) asked us to document rescuing this old thing (along with some other cabin moving projects). ….This is when I almost fell off the roof while trying to master the fine art of the roofing shingle tear-off. I learned that work boots are a far better choice than wellies to scale heights. (Also, the task of ripping out 60 year old moldy carpeting & asbestos ceiling tiles is something we wish on no one, ever). THE BACKSTORY:It was once part of a collection of sleeping cottages that bordered the shores of neighboring Lauderdale Lakes. Back in the 30s, it was one of many rental cabins that were part of the majestic (now burned down) Sterlingworth Hotel. (Last photos – wish it was still there – we heard from the local elders that it had an amazing supperclub that could seat 200)…First photos @bennett_young