Wandawega Wanderboys .In the midst of this early season snowstorm, were dreaming of summertime & this amazing group of humans who remind us all to let our true colors shine..From the @thewanderboys post after we hosted them in August :.How do you describe that feeling when youre able to be the epitome of who you truly are while being fully supported by everyone around you? What do you get when you have no fear of ridicule, no reluctance to show your true colors, no worries if someone will like you or not? How can you explain what youre experiencing when you own and harness your power, having permission to shine a light in every corner of who you are knowing that, no matter what, youve got a friend right by your side? Were not sure there is a word for it but we know it when we feel it, the spiritual reaction we experience at that exact moment when weve all come together, letting our guard down and shedding the protective barrier weve needed our entire lives. To live life a little differently, a little more tenderly and consciously is empowering. Having someone to dry your tears, to fix yo wig, pick you up or help bring you back down to earth when you need a little grounding is a pretty good feeling. Youve got a brother, a sister, a mother in each other. You can call it a chosen family though sometimes it feels like the universe has chosen us and brought us together, letting us know were not alone and we got you, Sis. We say thank you a lot though the phrase seems to strengthen over time. As we continue to dig a little deeper, were constantly finding more reasons to give thanks. .Thank you to our returning Wander Boys, our new Boys & our soon-to-be Boys for believing in us and for believing in each otherThank you to our friends & allies for your support in making these trips possible, allowing Boys to go who may not otherwise have the opportunity. As we celebrate our 2-year birthday, thank you to everyone who has supported us from the moment this idea was born and to everyone weve met along the way weve enjoyed every twist, turn, peak and valley. Remember, wherever you wander, #WanderWithPride .@kings.camera