Here is Anna Hernandez, circa 1974 a young Latvian refugee, and mother of two. On the beach (w/Herb when camp was still owned by the Catholic Church) -at the American Flag raising at camp (with David)When these photos were taken,Davids mom was in her early 20s.And we were impeaching our president for obstruction of justice, abuse of power, and contempt of Congress.In this era: Steve Jobs debuted Apple Ralph Lauren was leading fashion Heart throbs were Lauren Hutton & Dolly Parton Queen topped Song chartsHit TV show was Charlies Angels A Star Is Born (Streisand & Kristofferson) premieredHeres to celebrating timeless classics (one being @annabikulcshernandez on her belated birthday) who still spends her weekends on this same beach, now with her granddaughter.And (in hopes of History repeating itself)… A wish for her on her birthday – that we will once again bring honor and justice back to the country, and support immigrants, refugees, equality, gay rights, womens rights and human rights as a whole. #JUSTICEforALLWe have never stopped flying the American Flag– but during the courageous testimony of this weeks impeachment hearings, its a reminder of Annas story (and all of the other refugees & Immigrants) What makes someone AMERICAN isnt just blood or birth but allegiance to our founding principles and faith in the idea that anyone- from anywhere- can write the next chapter of our story. – Barack Obama