Charliegirl loves books – so whenever her school has a book fair, she always goes searching the stacks in hopes to find her book (The Forever Tree, about her grandpa & camp treehouse) – but always comes back empty handed. (It turns out that you have be selected by book fairs & clubs to get to be included.) .So we were excited to get the call that after all these years. Scholastic has finally picked it up! .Chances are youve run into @scholasticinc at some point. Most of us read their magazines in school, or bought a book at one of their book fairs. (Or if you’ve readHarry PotterorThe Hunger Games, you know their books). From super humble beginnings building its business in schools its now one of the biggest children’s book publishers in the world – still known for school book fairs/clubs &old school classroom mags like Science World.So Heres to hoping that the next time her school has their book sale, shell be able to find her little book tucked in the stacks too.In the meantime, grateful this Thanksgiving for @Target – where we know we can get turkey stuffing, paper plates & her book: ..Thankful for:.Co-authored by @donnalukecp .illustrated by @nicolaslaterEdited by Phoebe Ye at @RandomHouse.Exterior treehouse shot by @bobcoscarelli.Interior by @bennettyoungThe folks who matter most – our dear friends, treehouse builders & forever inspiration: @shaun_oa @tylerjordanpeterson @aaron_bladon @teichelman1973 @finney____finney