Our Latrines Get Cute

Does anyone else care about this but us? Prob not. (So this could admittedly be next level OCD for fellow detail design nerds).
For years I’ve been increasingly annoyed by having to stuff all the camp bathrooms with stacks of ugly modern-neon-colored-bad-font-TP-rolls.

So after so much awkward (& admittedly entertaining) research of 1920s – ‘40s era toilet paper we decided to customize our own (who knew that it was invented in Wisco – helping Green Bay during the depression?) #randomtrivia .

We love that the rolls back then had instructions “single service” (note: don’t try to use it twice). Decided to embrace useless stats like sheet size. So now there will be at least one thing in our latrines that is a little bit cuter.

Thx to my patient sis @amypoturnicki for shooting all these pics.
And @ahutchgram for knowing how to make a chipmunk sized paper hat (at the drop of a hat) 🚽 🧻 📸🙏 (The glamor here just can’t be stopped.)