OUR ONLINE STORE LAUNCHED yesterday morning and sold out by the end of the day…… scrambling to ship everything out now in time for the holidays! Cant wait to do this again next year!If you suffer from Altussessiophobia (fear of old things) the new Shop will be your definition of hell. (Its all old things & the history they carry with them)30 ANTIQUES from our personal collection,30 BACK STORIES they harbor.If you believe (like we we do) that objects can hold karma from their owners of past generations, then this tiny shop has been stocked with energy of a bygone era. So we thought wed start a new tradition with them.To ring in a new decade, and to put 95 years of Camp history behind us.Weve picked one antique each from various rooms at camp to put back out into the world. Theyve served their purpose with us, in the lodge, the rathskeller, the treehouse guest library.Once a year – well share some of these little stories, then close the shop until this time next year.WE LOVE HISTORY. EVERYTHING IS INSPIRED BY HISTORY, SO THATS WHY WE LOVE ANTIQUES.Pretty much everything in the store has already outlived most people – several objects are over a century old.Heres the thing that we realized you can go to a bookstore and buy a new book on fly fishing. But you wont find a hand typed letter tucked in its pages from the author. Or notes in the margin, or pressed flowers under its covers.Were here to share the stories:The deadstock ones from Wisco souvenir shops.The new-old-stock treasures found in auction attics.Everything in our shop is a hand-me-down.Or was purchased as a gift to someone at some point.They arent fancy. But they arent any less valuable to the kid who got a Girl Scout cap in 1950.Heres to sharing 30 of our little storiesfrom our house to yours.HANGING THE SHINGLE TODAY;https://tinyurl.com/wxyvuss*LINK ON TODAYS PROFILE THE UNBOXING:comes packaged w/embroidered camp patch, postcard, fish hook clip, wrapped in a Wandawega map, inventory tagged with itss history. .1st @bobcoscarelli