Years ago when we first bought camp, an old woman showed up at our door with a brittle photo album- we came to learn that her family owned camp from the 40s to 1961 – when they sold it to the Catholic Church..She arrived full of spirit, In heels that we rarely see here and the brightest red lipstick. It was hard not to like her immediately- the kind of person you feel like youve known forever. She was straight-talking and wore her heart on her sleeve, sharing her photos and memories of this place with us. She returned every year with another family member or friend to relive her childhood -sometimes for an for an afternoon, sometimes for just an hour.It was because of her memories that we were able to recreate details of camp that we never knew existed before (awnings, stair rails, lounge benches, flower boxes and steps that had been long gone). Her stories behind the boxes of hand made textiles we found in the basement. And Fiestaware in cupboards – so many details.Her visits were always a little bittersweet as she walked the rooms where she was raised by a single dad and grandparents.For almost 15 years weve looked forward to her (usually last minute) visits..A few weeks ago- we learned that she died (very suddenly in a way that you cant shake and we fail to understand). Her name was Sam..This holiday season were feeling especially nostalgic. We still set the same tables with the same dishes (shown here for her birthday party &family holiday dinners 70 years ago). Its a reminder how fleeting youth, health and life is.Camp is quiet in the snow season. Looking through her photos now. We celebrate Sams life and all of her good memories – that have left a lasting impression in these walls and in us.It makes us feel especially aware and grateful for our health, friends & the love of our families.If you know someone who you think may be struggling this holiday season – dont wait to reach out to them.I read this last week & it keeps popping up- I wish there was a way to know youre living in the good old days before youve actually left them. So heres to living in the good old days everyday & helping others do the same.