From our furry family member to yours…. Frankie wishes you a Merry everything.10 years ago we adopted this guy (who had come from a high kill shelter)He was a few years old and had been crated in a foster home. We were the first to answer his adoption ad after a six month wait. They tried to make him look more friendly with a home made bandana. It just made him look scared and shy..Dog parents: when you met your pup for the first time, did you somehow know they where the one you were meant to adopt as soon as you saw each other? I dont know if we can somehow have the ability to subconsciencly feel how they will become integral to life for the next dozen + years? Its hard to say for sure, but since that night when we brought him home in our laps, he’s been our loyal camp security guard / face licker / hotdog stealer / couch snuggler / guest greeter.One of the many gifts hes given us that we are grateful for this holiday is teaching Charlie compassion (hes getting so old now that he has nightmares and whimpers in his sleep – Charlie has a sixth sense for how hes feeling and jumps to rub his belly to wake him out of it: he then he licks her face and falls back asleep).You can’t tell us dogs don’t have souls.Merry everything to you and all of your family members this year – may we all get and give belly rubs when we need them most.Thank you @davidtsay for this holiday portrait of our favorite furry family member.