An OPEN(tree)HOUSE!Inspired by a surprise this Christmas..We were shopping for Christmas presents last week when Charlie came across the new treehouse at @Target in our fav Hearth & Home section from @Magnolia. (She thought that they had started selling the Wandawega treehouse miniature).We could see how she might think they are similar.But, theirs is far more affordable. And comes with more furniture. And is from our design crushes @joannagaines & @chipgaines . We hope the grand scale they – and Target – operate at will help spread the joy of treehouses far and wide. (We are grateful to still make just enough on the sales of ours to keep the real treehouse painted : )I explained to Charlie that the biggest difference is that the Wandawega @crateandkids version is a replica miniature of the treehouse that was built by volunteers (as a memorial for her grandpa). So she had an idea:An openTREEhouse PLAYDATE this spring Dear Parents (who have gifted their kiddos our camp treehouse), Charlie is extending a personal invitation for a tour of the real one for your kids.She wants to share hers because at the end of the day, the world would be a better place if everyone built a treehouse (big or small). There can never be enoughespecially if we can share them with others.So thank you, @Magolia & @Target for playing & sharing- and @chelleko @jessiemaes @musingsofamamabird @olive.and.avy @bennett_young @babiekinsmag & all the other parents for sharing your pictures – it warms our hearts more than you can ever know to see children everywhere letting their imaginations run wild.Love,Camp#treehousesforall