Dear 2019,Good rIddance. You kicked our butts.You gifted us permit delays, work burnout, flooded grounds, failed transmissions, rising lake waters and sinking structural foundations. But,you were also the year that kicked our butts in the way that we needed it most. allowing us to see some of our little newdreams finally come to fruition.With that gift of perspective, heres what ended up being our BEST 9 for 2019 :.1. Partnering with our dream brand, @AIRBNB for their superhosts campaign.2. Signing for with @SCHOLASTICBOOKCLUBS.3. Launching our new mukluks line at @FREEPEOPLE.4. Receiving a “Best Hotels in the World” from@FodorsTravel designation .5. Getting the chance to host some fav brandsincluding @KnobCreek Rye @PATAGONIA @ABERCROMBIE @lululemon @intelligentsiacoffee and @SOHOHOUSE.6. Hosting “WEDDING OF THE YEAR” recognition(& our first trans nuptials) in the same month.7. Finally making the pages of @NEWYORKTIMES (+ @Outsidemagazine, @ReadersDigest, @USAToday).8. Reaching a personal goal of getting the cover of @CountryLivingMag .9. Debuting our CREATIVE-IN-RESIDENCE program & underprivileged Kid’scamp.Camp.- We saw your retaining walls fail. Your permitsstall.Your basements flood.Your furnaces break (TWOof ’em!).But we also saw you take over @Abercrombie stores across the country, your book licensed for France publication and ….you helped us finally find the two most amazing Camp Directors a small family business could dream of. ..If 2020 keeps its promises, we will break ground on the years-in-the-making new rusticcamping cabinsthis spring.So,dearest 2019, while you are the reason were so exhausted,you were also the foundation for us to launch so many long-time-dreams coming in 2020. .Were older, grayer and more hopeful thanwe can ever remember. Heres to our family and friends – may all your dreams come true in 2020!Love,Camp