LAUNCHING THIS SPRING!CAMP WANDAWEGA PROGRAMMINGThe only thing our counselors like more than hanging out with you,is ordering you around while they do it.When folks come here, we give them a DIY packet at registration-so they can spend their days planning their own adventures with our available activities & equipment. But after years of guests asking for more guided activities, were finally ready to launch our counselor/instructor/guide-ledclasses, workshops & lessons.BOOKINGS OPEN FOR GUESTS THIS SPRING. .TO LEARN MORE, SEE: and our profile line ..Instructional Archery + Tomahawk Throwing.* Guided Nature Hike (+ Night Hike).* Basic SurvivalSkills.* Knot Tying (Boy Scout style).* Fire Building (full site build, intensive).* Teambuilding (did someone say trust-fall?).* Fishing led by licensed guide.* Embroidery Class.* Macrame Workshop.* Night at the Movies (old school camp movie library or BYOM) ..+Raccoon Ropin (read disclaimer on our site to learn more).We are so lucky to have camp directors who have spent their careers at summer camps across the country as counselors, instructors and guides- thank you @bhwoodworks @ahutchgram