Because our first few books came out before we got on Instagram, most folks dont even know they exist.So we thought wed share the things that got us here – writing about the dreams and failures of this place.Along with some old copies of Field & Stream, youll find most of these tucked away in guest room drawers here at camp.We love old books. Leather bound, Florentine covers, walls lined with them. We love finding notes inside the covers, tucked inside the pages. We feel damn lucky to have our books published by @randomhouse @penguinrandomhouse @clarksonpotter @sterlingbooks (of @hearst)But our First up here in our little re-share series is our personal camp history book – this is the only one that we published ourselves. AMERICAN GETAWAY95 years worth of history, condensed to 100 pagesINDIANS.BOOTLEGGERS.A SWEDISH MADAM.THE FEDS.A MURDERER ON THE LAM.REFUGEE PRIESTS.THE GHOST OF THE LAKE.KIDS IN CANOES.A RUSSIAN GANGSTER.AND A CHEEKY RACOON NAMED GEORGE.This is the very strange, very true story of Camp Wandawega, Wisconsin: An American Getaway. . REVIEW:Its incarnation as Camp Wandawegashows the increasing appreciation of historic preservationand the aesthetic, romantic, historic, and emotionalpower of a place that has stood against our seeminglyrelentless need for constant updating and change. Manyresorts show one or two phases of this evolution, butwhat makes Wandawega special is that you see all ofthese aspects in a single site. Its extraordinary state ofpreservation allows each of the stories to be clearlyseen in the physical fabric of the place, creating apowerful slice of time and place that transcends anyof these single stories.-Wisconsin State Historic Preservation Officer, Jim Draeger . .For more info, visit our not-for-profit get the book, visit our profile line for the link, check out our blog under American getaway or go to . those arestandard gloss book jackets, not the limited edition shown here with extra details..In collaboration with the amazing writer and storyteller @austinsailsbury .More at #wandawegacustoms