In 1925, WHAT THEY PUT BEHIND THE ROPED OFF ROOM (BEHIND OUR BAR)….When you come to visit us at the lodge and walk through the old bar, youll see a roped off area.This used to be the back of the house in the 1920s and 30s.(Its now one of our private bedrooms). If you walk through this room,it opens up to a sunporch, where youll find a trap door in the floor. When you open that up, youll find a steep narrow staircase that leads you to the Prohibition-era rathskeller. A 97 year old local (and one of his friends) told us the story behind this strange layout.Back during Prohibition, when Feds or even local law enforcement showed up(word is, locals who were on duty were obligated to come, even though they where probably also patrons). Visitors who needed to get out quick would exit behind the bar, through the (now bedroom) to the trapdoor in the sunporch floor, to the rathskeller, exiting the back basement door, which led to a staircase down to the old dock – so you could then row across the lake to the opposite dock, where a car could pick you up.All this was to avoid getting busted with those slot machines, booze & gambling in the basement.Its hard to imagine that playing cards and drinking whiskey could land you in jail. If we tried to enforce those laws today, wed all be outlaws.So heres to the outlaws. And the ghosts of those that remain..Photos here of steps down to the lake from back in the day..The slot machines confiscated from another one of the madames nearby illegal gambling dens, The Lone Oak Inn..The rathskeller today (and exit route) through trap door..First photos by @bobcoscarelli