Every room has a story.This one has always been called the card room. Its in the top level of the old hotel/brothel – last room at the end of the hall.It earned its name from card games played in here by all different groups over the past nearly one hundred years :1925-1940s: early on, the illegal kind – when it was called Wandawega Inn and Hotel Wandawega.1950s: the friendly public sort, as it operated as Wandawega Lake Resort.1961- 2004: During the Vandavega-era the Latvians used it for a traditional Latvian card game called Zolte as well as poker.2004 to present : From Old Maid and UNO to blackjack, guests do their part to help us continue the tradition. (And we keep a full set of vintage poker cards and chips stocked just in case they want to take it old school)..We try to honor all the different folks who ran this place by continuing to use all the different iterations of their own take on business graphics. Youll find the old brochures in each guest room, and sometimes we bring out the original guest book and try to find some names we know. First shot @atlasandpine