HOLLYWOOD COMES TO CAMP . Our actor crush Jemaine Clement ( of @avatar, @flightoftheconchords) & @gillianjacobs (of @GirlsHBO) Are the lead cast ina movie just shot at camp this past summer I Used To Go Here (We had to keep it a secret until press released it) but now cant wait to see it! …We were told it was a comedy, will have to watch it before Charliegirl does to make sure its PG enough for a 9 year oldCongrats to rad writer-director @KrisReyKrisRey & the whole SUPPORTING CAST: .@JormaTaccone (Saturday Night Live) .Forrest Goodluck (@RevenantMovie) .Kate Micucci ( @bigbangtheory_cbs) .Zoe Chao (@BernadetteFilm) .@HannahgMarks (Spiderman) .Josh Wiggins (Hellion)About:The film will follow Kate Conklin (Jacobs) who is in a rut. Her engagement is called off, her first book isnt doing so hot, and all her friends are having babies. Out of nowhere she gets a call from her old professor, David Kirkpatrick (Clement), asking her to come back to her alma mater to do a reading. Shes suddenly back at her old school, hanging out with college kids and getting into trouble. ..@DEADLINE Story: https://tinyurl.com/sdynod8 Debuting at @SXSW (link in todays profile).Photos here are cast and crew around camp at the filming, a scene clip from one of the lake shots- most of the rest was shot in and around Chicago. .We loved hosting them for what well forever remember as the Celeb sleepover. … (*disclaimer – some other photos here are personal fan stalker shots from the whole cast in their crazy Hollywood world ) .Admitting it now, Ive officially become one of those awkward celebrity stalkers for a day .especially since we found out (in this case) that its true what they say- they really are just nice down-to-earth folks.