As we approach Camp Wandawegas 95th anniversary summer, we want to celebrate another Wisconsin special place who will be marking their 100th year. We first paid them a visit a couple years ago. For those of you who have joined us at Camp Wandawega before you know that we like it to feel like going back in time. Unfortunately there are fewer & fewer places remaining that let you do that..One of them that is still going strong is @RedArrowCamp ..We literally never wanted to leave this time capsule tucked into the Wisconsin Northwoods. Camp Red Arrow is a boys summer camp in Woodruff; they take campers as young as 7 years old for a 7 week stay. It began as a logging camp circa 1870, turned Williams Resort until 1920 when it was converted into the all-boys camp that it still runs as today.This place is a literal living museum with Mess Hall, Rec Hall, Infirmary, and countless hand hewn log cabins (built by the Norwegian lumberjacks) many still in original condition and used today.In the early days, it was known as the beer camp because boys from most of Milwaukees big brewery families attended. (Boys with names like Miller, Uihlein, Schlitz, Pabst, Gettlemans and Blatz, along with the (Harley) Davidson boys. On our tour, the camp director told us that Chris Farley & Scott Foley were campers who got their start on the little log cabin theater stage.FROM THEIR SITE:Red Arrow Camp offers a traditional, single-session, 7 week summer camp experience for boys ages 7 to 16. Built on 100-year-old traditions, we offer our 100 campers an escape from modern-day stressors. ..Because its such a special experience, they book up every year- (and Im sure this year even sooner since its their 100Year anniversary)…. it makes us wish we little boys so we could go. … . *photos from our visit with Charliegirl (zoom in- every detail in every cabin and room is so good- because its not designed… its all the real deal- the first photo is of their infirmary building)